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The goal of Sunnyside Farmers’ Market is to empower people. For our vendors, this means we are more than willing to help SFM Bannerensure your success. We start by marketing SFM to all Sunnyside Grocery customers, posting flyers throughout the Middle Peninsula, and promoting the market and our vendors on the SFM and Sunnyside Grocery Facebook pages. We also love talking about SFM, Sunnyside, and our vendors everywhere we go. You can do the same by letting your friends and family know you’ll be setting up with us and when market days are.

Like I said, SFM is all about empowering people. This is why vendor spaces are only $10. Sometimes we days we even waive the setup fee. Why? Because we don’t look at vendor spaces as a means for our own income. They are a means for folks in our community to earn some income for a hobby or even start a new business. We want to help you successful. In return, all we ask is your products be:

  • grown, handcrafted, or refurbished by you and/or members of your household
  • non-offensive in nature (no cursing or offensive symbols and language)
  • displayed in an attractive manner (we can help with this)
  • clearly marked with a price
  • clearly marked if it contains any potential allergens (mainly nuts and peanuts)

and you:

  • notify us at least 72 hours in advance if you are going to setup at a vendor space
  • bring your own tent, table, and chair (if needed)
  • be prepared to explain your product to customers

We also strongly encourage you to be prepared to speak about your products. Customers love to know your story and how your items were created. Be ready to share this, as it can greatly help with sales.

We look forward to having you as a vendor at Sunnyside Farmers’ Market.

Need help or have questions about SFM or becoming a vendor? Simply leave a comment below or email Jamie at

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