No Bologna

I’ve never been a fan of bologna. Well that’s not entirely true. I loved the bologna I got at my great grandmother’s house (Granny),Beef Bologna - Credit Sunshine Food Market when I was a little kid. I’m not sure what type it was, but nothing ever seemed to compare to it; until we reopened Sunnyside.

Memoirs of a Superior Bologna

I spent a ton of time with my grandparents and great grandparents growing up, as family time was always important to both of my parents. While most of my friends spent their weekends with friends or on trips, we tended to spend ours visiting family members. As an adult, I deeply treasure those moments because they helped mold me into the person I am today. But what’s that got to do with bologna?

My Granny.

I don’t remember us ever having bologna in our house growing up. Honestly, I didn’t even like the stuff. The thought of it reminded me of hot dogs: one of my least favorite foods, second only to tomatoes. My Granny, however, always had bologna. The red label-wrapped kind, and I seemed to need it as soon as I got to her house.

Reliving the memory

Four GenerationsMy Granny’s been gone for almost a decade now, but her memory lives on every time I pass the deli case in our store.

When you enter the door’s of our store, you’ll likely see a small deli case to your right, featuring what many of our customers call “country delicacies.” It’s stocked with souse, “old cheese,” thick-cut bacon, Jamie’s Real Fruit and Signature Pies, German Bologna, and yes, Red Label Beef Bologna.¬†We’re happy to cut you a few slices of this high quality, all-meat beef bologna to help bring back your best bologna filled memories.

Sliced Beef Bologna - Credit Paramount Butcher ShopA few slices not enough?

Like all of our deli items, our Beef Bologna is also available for pre-order in-store.

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2 thoughts on “No Bologna

  • I will have to try it…looks Good! Beautiful family picture and good memories! Sunnyside is one of Essex County’s best kept secrets…good food and good people?

    • What a great compliment. Thanks so much Mr. Patton! We wouldn’t be where we are without great customers like you and Mrs. Patton. Thanks so much for y’all’s support.

      Hope to see you soon,


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