The Secret to Sunnyside Fried Chicken

I’ll be honest. I hate fried chicken. It’s not just fried chicken, really. It’s all chicken. Give me any other bird and I’ll be fine. Turkey, duck, quail, even ostrich. But I don’t like chicken. So when my dad (Temple) said he wanted to start selling fried chicken at Sunnyside, I was far from interested Read more about The Secret to Sunnyside Fried Chicken[…]

About The Folks at Sunnyside

Sunnyside Grocery,  affectionately known as Sunnyside, opened in 1992 in a small community known as Kino (pronounced Ky No), Virginia. The store was meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for community members, offering everything from cold beverages and salty snacks to chainsaw oil and diesel fuel. Nearly three decades later, Sunnyside is still doing just that. Read more about About The Folks at Sunnyside[…]